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This section of Speech-Pathology Guru features articles that reveal the specific areas that speech-language pathologists assess and provide treatment for. You will also find information about what to expect from a speech language evaluation as conducted by a speech-language pathologist. Additionally, you’ll learn how testing is conducted via speech and language testing procedures such as formal speech and language tests, informal observations, interviews, language samples and play routines that are often used by speech-language pathologists to gather speech and language information for in-depth analysis.

You will also learn about the importance of the speech language evaluation report, how results and recommendations are presented by a speech-language pathologist and what a parent’s role should be in setting goals for speech language therapy.

  • What to Expect From A Speech-Language Evaluation

  • When a child or adult is experiencing difficulty understanding or using language, correctly producing speech sounds, demonstrating stuttering, voice problems, feeding or swallowing difficulties a speech-language pathologist attempts to diagnose the p... read full details