I Love Assistive Technology

I Love Assistive Technology
Join augmentative-alternative communication (AAC) expert, Nicole Lilienthal, M.S., CCC-SLP, for an exciting glimpse into the world of assistive technology. See first hand how multiple alternative communication strategies are implemented to assist a nonspeaking adult, "Mr. P", with his goal of achieving communication independence.

Examples of partner assisted scanning on a low tech communication device (lap tray) and 4 quadrant row/column scanning on a high tech communication device (Prentke Romich ECO-14) are demonstrated.

To learn more about Mr. P and the AAC strategies he uses read,"About 'I Love Assistive Technology' Video "

To learn more about the "high tech" AAC seen in this video read,"Example of Single Switch Scanning to Access A Dynamic Display Voice Output Communication Device"

To learn more about partner assisted visual scanning read,"What is Partner Assisted Visual Scanning?"

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