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Welcome to Speech-Language Pathology Guru (slpGuru) - the speech-language pathology information and resource website for Speech-Language Pathologists, parents and caregivers of children and adults with communication disorders and individuals with communication disorders themselves.

The site is a growing resource of speech-language pathology related information and currently contains information to help you learn more about speech and language therapy services, speech and language development, how to find the right speech-language pathologist to suite your needs, tips for parents and caregivers to encourage communication and improve speech and language skills, numerous articles on autism and augmentative-alternative communication (AAC).

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Featured Video: I Love Assistive Technology

Join augmentative and alternative communication expert, Nicole Lilienthal, M.S., CCC-SLP, for an exciting glimpse into the world of assistive technology. See first hand how multiple alternative communication strategies are implemented to assist a nonspeaking adult, "Mr. P", with his goal of achieving communication independence.